Leaders of Tomorrow – Season 8 – Winning Pitch - 2019

With the underlying theme of ‘SMALL TO SCALABLE’, Leaders of Tomorrow Season 8 will build upon its pedigree of being focused on empowering upcoming businesses. The objective of the initiative is to encourage Start Ups, SMEs & MSMEs ecosystem and provide an opportunity to be funded by various investors which they can utilize to innovate, grow and expand their new/existing business. Leaders of Tomorrow (LOT) now introduces a nationwide challenge where 100 entrepreneurs (Start Ups/MSMEs/SME) shall be shortlisted to present their business models at four zonal events (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Bengaluru). All such shortlisted participants will stand a chance to win funding from the country’s biggest Investors at Zonal events as well as the Final Conclave Event

Participants Eligibility Criteria:

Leaders of Tomorrow - Winning Pitch 2019 invites start-ups, micro, small and medium enterprises registered in India to send their entries. The Eligibility Criteria are listed as follows:

  • 1.Enterprise must be a registered sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability partnership, public company, private company, HUF or Trust, etc. and should be registered with the respective governing authority as may be applicable (Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA/ROC)/Registrar of Firms/Shops and Establishment Act)
  • 2.The period of incorporation of the participating company/firm should be a minimum of 1 year up to a maximum of 10 years as on 31st March 2019
  • 3.The turnover shall range between INR 25 lakhs - INR 150 crores as per the last audited financial statements [Financial Year from April 2018 to March 2019]
  • 4. A declaration form to be filled by the participants in the specified format.
  • 5.The Promoters and Key Managerial Personnel of the participating entity and the participant entity itself are not subject to any litigations or disqualifications by any court of law or regulatory authorities.

Details regarding the event timelines, activities and schedule shall be notified to the participants through E-mail and regular updates on our website.

Please fill the application form and upload relevant documents on the online portal – https://www.leadersoftomorrow.co.in/ or email on Lotwinningpitch@timesgroup.com.

In case of any further query, please email us on Lotwinningpitch@timesgroup.com. or call on +91 7821014282

Refer to the list of documents and data required for filling the form

Nominate your company for the Winning Pitch and stand a chance to get funded and be featured on ET Now!

Rules of Participation:

  • 1. Multi-Layered screening and selection of participants/winners will be carried out by Jury and Investors which shall be validated by our process partners.
  • 2. The jury and investors reserve the right to decide the Winners and no disputes in this regard will be entertained.
  • 3. No entries shall be entertained for applications received post the last date of submission.
  • 4. The applicant will be required to submit basic documents at the time of application. On clearing the initial evaluation, the applicant will be communicated through E-mail for submitting additional documents.
  • 5. An Enterprise/Participant cannot participate on behalf of its sister units, subsidiary (ies) and/or any group entity; In short: Each distinct Enterprise/entity is eligible to participate for itself, only.
  • 6. Employees of BCCL, sponsors and partners of the Event are not allowed to participate in the Winning Pitch

Key Event information for participants in the Winning Pitch:

The event milestones are as follows:

Oct 2019 – Mar 2020

  • - Receiving entries from participant entities
  • - Eligibility and Screening of entries from each Zone by Process Partners and Pre-Jury
  • - Shortlisting of 25 participants from each Zone by the Pre-jury
  • - Zonal Events at locations – Top 25 per Zone to present their pitch – Selection of Top 5 per Zone

Mar - 2020

  • - Finale Event – Top 20 make their final pitch to the Investors in the Conclave Event

Evaluation and winner selection shall be based on the following:

  • - Business Model - Concept, Idea, Product & Innovation
  • - Social Impact, Governance & Reporting
  • - Business Execution Strategy, Marketing and Operations
  • - Financial Performance